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Design a very beautiful reflector for unwatched photo voltaic cooking. Now companys within the civilized world are utilizing carbon offsets to cover the manafacture of parabolic photo voltaic cookers in India. They’re even having to pay people for their services to prepare their foods!

(In by doing this Solar power is replacing for fire wood and allows the forests grow back!)

But issues with light getting exhibited in peoples eyes and needing to constantly slowly move the reflectors are now being reported. They are Large problems.

A dish for unwatched cooking would alleviate the issues substantially.

It’s the tube horns that i’m thinking about. In my opinion 2 horns, arranged using the road to the sun’s rays will probably be pretty efficient. Within this situation, 2 laser levels are utilized to simulate solar sun rays. In case your design will be unwatched for just two hrs, then your laser levels shine at angles 30 levels dissimilar to one another.

I get there. It will require some time. Essentially, this will be a technique for creating good reflectors for unwatched photo voltaic cooking.

I don’t believe this process will infringe any patents which is important.

Also, it’ll open design to anybody with a few cheap laser pointer levels or laser pointers along with a couple of strips of reflective plastic-type. I don’t think that in photo voltaic cooking, that certain size fits all. Many people will need a couple hour photo voltaic oven rich in power of energy, some a 3 hour oven and a few a 4 hour reflector. Many will be pleased with a higher concentration one hour reflector and employ it with inaccurate (but adequate) trackers to provide photo voltaic cooking all day long.